Our Culture... 

In the opening pages of best selling book Atlas Shrugged, character Eddy Willers reflects on a sense of something being 'not quite right' with the current state of society and economics. 

His mind drifts back to a childhood memory of a mighty oak tree that always seemed to be there, standing strong and good and true, at the entrance of a friend's family estate.  

This oak tree was Eddy's greatest symbol of strength.  

One day a bolt of lightning struck the tree and it toppled over revealing a core that had long ago, rotted out. 

For Eddy Willers, this was an immense betrayal.   

Something that had appeared one way on the outside, had proven to reveal something contrary on the inside.  

This metaphor sets the stage for the story of Atlas Shrugged, which goes on to paint a picture of a dystopian and crumbling society. 

One where laws, greed, manipulation, dishonesty and the 'right friends', determine who gets what, rather than personal responsibility, value to the marketplace and freedom. 

We have chosen the Oak tree to be a metaphor for the culture within our community.

It serves as a constant reminder, in everything we do here, that we are people who stand for something.

We are people who fight for what's worth fighting for. 

What the Oak tree means to us.  


The leaves on the HBA oak tree are dollar symbols.  

This is to remind us that prosperity and financial freedom are values worth striving for,

...and that the dollars we receive ethically and honestly, can act as a measure of our service to our brothers and sisters of the human family.  


As Napoleon Hill wrote in his timeless classic Think And Grow Rich, "The oak sleeps in the acorn."

We believe there lies a great oak in the spirit of every person.

This is a constant reminder, that we are seeds growing always, into something greater. 

Where we are today, is not where we will be tomorrow. 

Who we are today, is not who we have to be tomorrow. 

When we look at people and circumstances, we strive to see not what's on the outside, but rather the potential of what lies within. 

Acorns and seeds are a great representation of possibility and in The Home Business Academy, 

...'All we see, are possibilities.' 

Good Soil 

In order for a tree to blossom into it's full potential, good soil is required. 

In the oak tree, we see a metaphor for ourselves. 

We're reminded that in order for us to become all that we're meant to become in life, we must plant the roots of our souls in good, fertile soil. 

To the freedom crusaders of The Academy, this is to remind us that we want to build lives and businesses based on true values, laws and principles that have stood the test of time.  

We believe that if wealth ends up costing us our characters or our families, it has cost too much.  

We believe in being wealthy philosophers, or in other words, lovers of wisdom. 

As such, we are continually in search of universal laws that act as solid ground to build our lives and fortunes upon. 

We endeavor to be humble students, in a constant and never ending search to find and apply these laws in our personal lives and also, to share these laws with the people around us so we can lift and inspire others. 

3 good examples can be found in within the core values of our company.

1. Quality 

2. Simplicity 

3. Putting people first (a.k.a following The Golden Rule) 

We believe that financial prosperity is one of the great treasures of life, and there are others.  

As Paul inspired in the pages of Corinthians, 

"Whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise," 

...we seek after these things.

We hope you've been touched and inspired as you've learned a little about our culture here.

We hope you'll lock arms with us, in one way or another, to "Be the change you wish to see in the world."  

In closing, we submit to you the words of Margaret Meade... 

"Never doubt that a group of thoughtful, concerned citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."  

To your better future, 

Freedom Crusaders of The Home Business Academy

Our Vision
To inspire and empower freedom through principle centered leadership.
Our Core Values
Everything we do in The Home Business Academy is filtered through our 3 core founding values, Quality, Simplicity and Putting People First.
Making a Difference
For each active Academy membership, we donate a small portion of revenue to feed hungry children.