The Home Business Academy, In A Nutshell
The Home Business Academy was officially organized as a Limited Liability Company on June 8th, 2016 and as of the writing of this post, we've been in business for about 4 happy years.  

Since that time we've touched the lives of thousands of customers with our products, helped a great number of families earn some 'side hustle' income through our affiliate program and helped to provide 83,197 meals to under privileged kids throughout the world via our community donations to the non profit - Feed My Starving Children. 
Meet Our Founders
Mike Hobbs is a former military vet turned expert internet marketer and home business entrepreneur. 

He and his wife Christy live in St. Geoge Utah with their 6 amazing kids.  

Mike as been recognized as a top producer in both Network Marketing and Affiliate marketing, winning competitions and being listed on the leader boards for some of the biggest names and companies in the business.  

He's affectionately known as 'The President of Prosperity' or 'The Titan of Tech' in some of his closer circles, indicating his talents and passions for helping home business entrepreneurs find more success through innovative marketing strategy.  

He loves being a stay at home dad and is passionate about helping others succeed. 

So much so that he once did a daily webinar for over 2 years straight teaching, coaching and answering questions in order to help people get unstuck so they could achieve their goals. 

Mike is not only one of the most talented and accomplished marketing leaders you'll ever meet, he's also one of the most heart-centered. 

In what some would call a 'dog-eat-dog' world, you'll never fail to find Mike serving in the trenches, showing up to webinars, answering questions in social media chats and groups all in an effort to help those looking to him for leadership. 

He's truly one of the best in the business and we are fortunate and honored to have his leadership here with us in The Home Business Academy. 
Paul 'The Freedom Crusader' Hutchings is a former call center cubicle worker turned home business owner extraordinaire.  

He lives with his beautiful wife Corene and their 4 rambunctious boys in Southeast Idaho.  

Paul went from struggling in network marketing, living in a trailer-house to becoming the #1 recruiter and producer in his nutritional network marketing company. 

He's served on the leadership council of 2 different companies and has been recognized as a top producer in every company he's been a part of since 2009.  

His main passion in life is helping to serve and help those who are serious about finding success in Direct Sales and does this mainly through his leadership responsibilities with The Home Business Academy. 

He is dedicated to the the mission of the Academy, through and through, which is Freedom, through principle centered leadership. 
Why we started?  
The home business profession has been good to us, nevertheless, we experienced many frustrations along our journey.  

Here are some examples.  
  • Lies, hype and manipulation
  • High pressure sales tactics 
  • Complicated 'and low paying' compensation plans
  • ​Companies and leadership teams going back on their word
  • Poor training and systems...
  • ​and more... 
We decided that we would lock arms and attempt to 'be the change we wished to see' in the home business world and that's why we started The Home Business Academy 4 years ago. 
Our Culture
In the opening pages of best selling book Atlas Shrugged, character Eddy Willers reflects on a sense of something being 'not quite right' with the current state of society and economics.
His mind drifts back to a childhood memory of a mighty oak tree that always seemed to be there, standing strong and good and true, at the entrance of a friend's family estate.

This oak tree was Eddy's greatest symbol of strength.

One day a bolt of lightning struck the tree and it toppled over revealing a core that had long ago, rotted out.

For Eddy Willers, this was an immense betrayal.

Something that had appeared one way on the outside, had proven to reveal something contrary on the inside.

This metaphor sets the stage for the story of Atlas Shrugged, which goes on to paint a picture of a dystopian and crumbling society.

One where laws, greed, manipulation, dishonesty and the 'right friends', determine who gets what, rather than personal responsibility, value to the marketplace and freedom.

We have chosen the Oak tree to be a metaphor for the culture within our community.
It serves as a constant reminder, in everything we do here, that we are people who stand for something.
We are people who fight for what's worth fighting for.

What the Oak tree means to us.


The leaves on the HBA oak tree are dollar symbols.

This is to remind us that prosperity and financial freedom are values worth striving for,

...and that the dollars we receive ethically and honestly, can act as a measure of our service to our brothers and sisters of the human family.


As Napoleon Hill wrote in his timeless classic Think And Grow Rich, "The oak sleeps in the acorn."

We believe there lies a great oak in the spirit of every person.

This is a constant reminder, that we are seeds growing always, into something greater.

Where we are today, is not where we will be tomorrow.

Who we are today, is not who we have to be tomorrow.

When we look at people and circumstances, we strive to see not what's on the outside, but rather the potential of what lies within.

Acorns and seeds are a great representation of possibility and in The Home Business Academy,

...'All we see, are possibilities.'

Good Soil

In order for a tree to blossom into it's full potential, good soil is required.

In the oak tree, we see a metaphor for ourselves.

We're reminded that in order for us to become all that we're meant to become in life, we must plant the roots of our souls in good, fertile soil.

To the freedom crusaders of The Academy, this is to remind us that we want to build lives and businesses based on true values, laws and principles that have stood the test of time.

We believe that if wealth ends up costing us our characters or our families, it has cost too much.

We believe in being wealthy philosophers, or in other words, lovers of wisdom.

As such, we are continually in search of universal laws that act as solid ground to build our lives and fortunes upon.

We endeavor to be humble students, in a constant and never ending search to find and apply these laws in our personal lives and also, to share these laws with the people around us so we can lift and inspire others.

3 good examples can be found in within the core values of our company.

1. Quality

2. Simplicity

3. Putting people first (a.k.a following The Golden Rule) 
What makes us different? 
Alot, way to much to mention on this page actually, but here are a few things... 

We Believe In The Long Cut

My first exposure to the home business profession was in a dusty run down warehouse in my home town of Blackfoot Idaho.

I had brought my wife, who was 6 months pregnant at the time, with me, on a Friday night to sit on hard, metal folding chairs, see if network marketing might be something that could help our family step into a better future.

The man giving the presentation told us that within the next 90 days, we could be earning $40,000 per month.

Of course, being young, inexperienced and someone naive, I believed him and got started.

12 months later, despite my best efforts, I had not earned any money.

Fortunately, for my family, I didn't quit.

I stayed persistent, worked hard and got the best education I could find and finally found success working from home.

The truth is, having success in a home business was not the short cut that first presenter made it out to be.

It turned out to be a long cut, but it was worth it.

The idea of building a real income from home is an attractive one for millions of people yet why is it that so many disbelieve and have negative opinions about the home business profession?

We believe this is, in large part, because so many in our profession, have fallen into the habit of preaching fast money and push button shortcuts to success.

This is damaging to what we do and damaging to all the people who buy into those claims, only to discover the truth, that success in business requires time, effort, skill and determination.

We resonate with the words of Gandhi when he said, 

Be the change you wish to see in the world. 

We strive to be examples of trust and credibility so we can build faith in the home business profession.

Business and success expert Anthony Robbins said "Most people over estimate what they can accomplish in a year, and totally underestimate what they can accomplish in 10."

Best selling author and award winning marketer Seth Godin teaches, "The long cut really is, the short cut."

In the HBA we strive to be examples of honesty, transparency, and always endeavoring to under promise and over deliver.

We believe this is actually helpful to business long term.

We believe this builds trust with prospects, customers, team members and the general public.

We believe this helps people to begin their home business journey with the proper expectations and therefore significantly raises their chances of putting in both the time and effort necessary to have success.

This is definitely quite different from what you may have seen elsewhere.

It's something we're proud to champion.

We Believe In Relationships, Coaching And Mentoring

This is an extension of our 'long cut' philosophy.

We believe that occasionally, it's important to slow down so you can speed up over time.

This involves developing both quality products and relationships.

If it's worth the time and money to find new customers and team members, then surely it must also be worth the time and money to take care of them, wouldn't you agree?

Best selling author and leadership expert John Maxwell encourages people to 'walk slowly through the halls.'

This concept is further illustrated in his book The 21 Irrefutable Laws Of Leadership where he writes,

"If you make it your goal to reach out to others and build relationships with them, you will derive fulfillment wherever you are.” 
-John Maxwell

In short, we believe that people are worth investing in.

In today's fast paced internet environment, so many are focused on rushing off to find the next sale, it's easy for customers and team members to get lost in the shuffle.

We believe that building a long term business that is both profitable and rewarding requires a different approach.

If you decide to join us here in The Home Business Academy, we want you to find more than training.

We want you to find friends, mentors and a family community that will lift and support you all along your freedom journey.

That makes us different.

When you join us, you get the best of what we've got, period.

When you join the Academy, you get the best of what we know, period.

We realize that by holding nothing back from you, and giving you everything we've got the second you join, rather than splitting our knowledge into many different products and up sells, we serve you better, and build trust, which (in the long run) can lead to a lasting relationship, which is what we really want.

This is different from most other products and training systems you'll find online.

Our goal is to serve you, not distract you or up-sell you

As you become a serious student of the information we teach inside The Academy, you'll learn that one of the pillars of success is concentration.

The fact that there is an abundance of strategies you can use to successfully build your business from home is both a blessing and a curse.

If you and your team members decide to learn, master and apply a particular strategy, and then are constantly bombarded with the new strategy of the week, or product launch of the week, this can hurt more than it helps.

In the HBA, we understand the importance of focus and strive to help you and your team stay focused rather than being a source of your distraction.

Simple and Advanced Ways For You To Win

When I decided to learn internet lead generation for my home business, it took me 4 months to sponsor my first new customer.
For some it can take six to 12 months to learn advanced internet lead generation strategies.

These strategies are highly leveraged and definitely worth learning HOWEVER, we don't believe it's wise for you or your team to be stuck in learning mode for months and months to finally start producing.

That's why, inside our academy, we emphasize simple, low tech ways to grow your business, while providing the education and support for the advanced skills you can learn over time.

We believe that this balanced approach can provide a much better environment for you and your team to quickly find results and grow over time.  

Thanks for reading about some of our key differences.

We hope you'll join us in our mission of inspiring freedom and making the world a better place.

The Home Business Academy Team

Our Vision
To inspire and empower freedom through principle centered leadership.
Our Core Values
Everything we do in The Home Business Academy is filtered through our 3 core founding values, Quality, Simplicity and Putting People First.
Making a Difference
For each active Academy membership, we donate a small portion of revenue to feed hungry children.